FRYNS Premium


FRYNS, The Original Gin-Ever. This is the result of 135 years of craftsmanship and passion. Taste this herbal genever as the base for your favourite cocktail.

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premium 50 cl
FRYNS the original gin-ever

FRYNS, The Original Gin-Ever

Jenever is the mother of all gins. The story of gin begins with war. British soldiers brought our genever to Britain and tried to copy it. But they forgot an important ingredient, namely malt wine. Moreover, our genever was reduced to gin by a mispronunciation. So why drink gin when you can drink the real and authentic Gin-Ever, our FRYNS The Orignal Gin-Ever.

fryns premium belgian genever

Tasting Nodes

Experience the sensation of elegant malt in the nose, followed by the herbal taste of juniper and a secret family mix of herbs and spices. A fresh and fruity blend ending with the taste of exotic fruit. This palette makes our Premium Belgian Genever the perfect base for your favourite cocktail.

17 different herbs and spices


Premium Belgian Genever is the result of more than 130 years of craftsmanship, passion and the best of Hasselt’s malt wine. We are one of the few who distil our malt wine in house. We do this with great care for our products. The small amount of maltwine in this young genever gives it a beautiful complexity. Moreover, this is a real flavour carrier that does full justice to the 17 different herbal and spice distillates.